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166 etseq., has a chapter on the subject; Joest, supplement to InternationalArchiv für Ethnographie, 1893, p. 53, has an interesting passage on thesmells of various races, as also Waitz, Introduction to Anthropology, p.103.

As a well-known artist, Du Maurier, has remarked (in Trilby), it is a fact well known to all painters and sculptors who have used the nude model (except a few shady pretenders, whose purity, not being of the right sort, has gone rank from too much watching) that nothing is so chaste as nudity.

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She is so full of light andradiance that there is not the least darkness about her, and no part ofher may be described as less brilliant, or not glowing with intenselight.” We can’t promise to solve all your relationship problems, but we’ll give it a shot. At marriages in South Arabia, the bride and bridegroom have to sit immovable in the same position from noon till midnight, fasting, in separate rooms. During the six following years indulgence was irregular, sometimes occurring every other night and sometimes with a week’s intermission. Among theMohammedan peoples of West Africa, Daniell remarks, as well as in centraland northern Africa, it is usual to suckle a child for two or more years.